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Bulk Up Your Business with Bulk Mail

Bulk mailing is the process of sending out large quantities of mailers or other materials to potential customers. By taking advantage of bulk mail, businesses can save on costs while expanding their customer reach.

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Why Bulk Mail?

Perfect for 500+ pieces.

Whether you’re sending out promotional materials, newsletters, or event invitations, bulk mail is ideal for quantities of 500 or more. With a larger quantity of pieces, you can segment your mailing list based on demographics, preferences, or purchasing behaviours. This allows you to tailor your message to specific groups, increasing the likelihood of a positive response.


Highly cost-effective

Bulk mail is not only an effective way to reach a large audience, but it is also highly cost-effective. By sending out large quantities of mailers or materials, businesses can take advantage of reduced mailing rates. This means that the cost per piece decreases significantly as the quantity increases.


Local, Domestic & International

Bulk mail is not limited to local or domestic markets. It can also be an effective marketing strategy for businesses looking to expand their reach internationally

Whether you want to target customers in a specific region or expand your business globally, bulk mail allows you to do so. This opens up a whole new realm of opportunities for businesses to connect with customers and increase their brand awareness on a global scale.


Targeted Mailing Lists

Whether your direct marketing mailing list database includes enquiries, sales, previously purchased mailing lists or customer surveys, we’ll help you to identify the most profitable segments of your market to direct your mailing campaign to.

And if you need to create a data solution from scratch, rest assured we’re leaders in the field when it comes to planning highly targeted audience lists that are accurate and most importantly, have the potential to expand your reach and increase your return on investment.

With extensive mailing lists segmented across demographic, psychographic, geographic, and behavioral, we’ll ensure you engage with people most likely to invest in your product, service or solution.


We’re Here For You

We understand that most people aren’t data or mailing list experts, and we’re proud to provide a truly personal, user-friendly service, designed to accommodate a wide variety of data requirements.

We have a fantastic level of choice. With access to multiple, premium databases, we have the capacity to segment across multiple Australian business mailing lists with exceptional accuracy and across industries and according to specific campaign objectives. We also complete stringent quality checks.


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Add Social Value to Your Purchase

  • Profits from every purchase go towards building lasting foundations for disadvantaged youth across Australia
  • Young people have ongoing access to mentoring support
  • All print and distribution work fulfilled at our HQ places young adults into secure jobs and workplace training
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