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Many young people find themselves unemployed or disengaged from their education and looking for ways to reconnect.

Earlier intervention is required to address their individual barriers and help them find the right support services.

In a world where the bar is continually rising (due largely to the impacts of automation and globalisation), educational attainment is critical for young people to successfully transition to work.

A survey conducted by Mission Australia found that young people facing social and emotional challenges are more likely to seek support from their immediate networks.

However, for many vulnerable young people, these natural sources of support are absent, leaving them without adequate guidance to help them overcome such challenges.

Major Challenges Young People are Facing

Young people today are confronted with significant challenges that can profoundly impact their well-being and prospects for the future. These challenges include:


Suicide is the leading cause of death for young Australians aged 15-24.


1 in 10 youth are completely disengaged from education, employment & training


1 in 3 young people are without adequate work (unemployed or underemployed).

Gender Inequality

Only 14% of young females think they have the same opportunities as young males to be successful in life.

Mental Illness

In 2022, 38.5% of young people were personally extremely or very concerned about mental health.

Economic Disadvantage

41.8% of students said there are barriers to achieving their study or work goals, with financial difficulty being the top barrier

"With the support from Collective Impact, we have been able to get at-risk youth into more, and significantly better, employment roles"

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