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Frequently asked questions

What is social procurement?

Social procurement involves the purchase of goods and services from social enterprises, like Collective Impact, that prioritise a strong ethical mission. It goes beyond economic considerations, taking into account the positive social impact of the purchase.

Where is Collective Impact located?

Collective Impact operates from a purpose-built factory located in Dandenong South, Melbourne. This facility is equipped with machines and trained staff to handle various aspects of the printing and distribution process.

How do profits from Collective Impacts' services benefit disadvantaged youth?

Profits generated from Collective Impacts’ services are directed towards providing secure employment, workplace training, and mentoring support for at-risk youth across Australia. This sustainable model helps in creating opportunities for young individuals to thrive and succeed.

What types of printing and distribution services does Collective Impact offer?

Collective Impact offers a wide range of printing and distribution services, including banners, brochures, booklets, books, business cards, flyers, and more. Additionally, they provide letterbox distribution services tailored to a businesses need for targeted marketing campaigns.

How does Collective Impact ensure quality and efficiency in its services?

Collective Impact collaborates with expert suppliers spanning the marketing, design, print and distribution sectors. The organisation manages the entire process, ensuring that customers receive high-quality services while creating real job opportunities for disadvantaged individuals.

How can businesses request a quote for printing or distribution services?

Businesses can easily request a quote for printing or distribution services by filling out the form provided on each Collective Impact page. This form allows businesses to specify job requirements, objective, quantity, and any additional services needed.