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We’re Experts in Direct Mail Fulfilment

We understand the importance of connecting and engaging with your target market. With this in mind, we provide help, advice, solutions and support for all of your direct mail fulfilment and distribution needs.

After all, direct mailing still remains one of the most impactful ways to raise awareness, generate sales on a national or international scale and inspire action.

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Benefits of Direct Mail

A Cost-Effective Way to Expand Your Reach

Generating new leads is a crucial aspect of any successful business, and direct mail can be an effective strategy to achieve this goal.

By sending targeted and personalized mailings to potential customers, you can capture their attention and pique their interest in your products or services.


Building Loyalty, Engagement & Repeat Orders

A well-crafted direct mail piece can capture their attention, make them feel special, and remind them of your products or services. It creates a tangible and memorable experience that digital ads can’t replicate.

By personalising your mailings and offering exclusive promotions or discounts, you create a sense of value and appreciation for your customers. This leads to increased engagement and a higher likelihood of repeat purchases.


Customer Invoices & Statements

Customer invoices and statements may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of direct mail, but these documents are a valuable opportunity to engage with your customers and leave a lasting impression.

Consider including a personalised note or a small promotional offer. This simple gesture shows your customers that you appreciate their business and encourages them to continue supporting your brand. It’s a chance to build loyalty and encourage repeat orders

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Reactivate Dormant Accounts or Audiences

Have you noticed some of your customers or audience members becoming inactive? Perhaps they haven’t made a purchase in a while or haven’t engaged with your brand on social media.

Don’t let these dormant accounts go to waste! Direct mail can be a powerful tool to reactivate these accounts and reignite their interest in your business.


Track Your Direct Mail Campaigns

One of the key advantages of direct mail is its measurability. 

By providing customers with a special code or URL to use when making a purchase or responding to your offer, you can easily attribute sales or leads to specific mailings. This helps you determine the effectiveness of each campaign and calculate your ROI.

By comparing the response rates, conversion rates, and sales generated from different mailings, you can identify trends and patterns that can inform your marketing strategies.


Track Your Direct Mail Campaigns

Direct mail offers the unique advantage of reaching customers both locally and internationally. 

When targeting local customers, you can use direct mail to connect with a community on a personal level. By sending mailings to specific p0stcodes, you can reach potential customers who are more likely to be interested in your products or services. This targeted approach helps you establish a strong presence in your local market and build brand recognition among your local audience.

On the other hand, if your business operates on a national or international level, direct mail can help you penetrate new markets and engage with customers in different regions.


Maximize the Impact of 3rd Party Databases

 By renting third-party lists, you gain access to a wider audience that may not be on your own database.

However, it’s important to approach database rental strategically to make the most out of it.

First, take the time to research and select the right third-party lists for your target market. Look for lists that align with your ideal customer profile and have a track record of delivering high-quality leads. Consider factors such as demographics, interests, and purchasing behavior to ensure you’re reaching the right people.


We’re Here For You

We understand that most people aren’t data or mailing list experts, and we’re proud to provide a truly personal, user friendly service, designed to accommodate a wide variety of data requirements.

We have a fantastic level of choice. With access to multiple, premium databases we have the capacity to segment across multiple Australian business mailing lists, with exceptional accuracy and across industry, according to specific campaign objectives. We also complete stringent quality checks.


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Buy Local, Buy Social | 

Buy Local, Buy Social | 

Buy Local, Buy Social | 

Buy Local, Buy Social | 

Buy Local, Buy Social | 

Add Social Value to Your Purchase

  • Profits from every purchase goes towards building lasting foundations for disadvantaged youth across Australia
  • Young people have ongoing access to mentoring support
  • Any print and distribution work fulfilled at our HQ places young adults into secure jobs and workplace training
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With the support from Collective Impact, we have been able to get at-risk youth into more, and significantly better, employment roles

- Social EngineEmployment Pathways Programs


Let us help you take your next mail marketing campaign to new heights!

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